John Morgan for President

Lauren Daleo VP

Mainlands Section 6 Civic Association 2024

About John

Hello neighbor, my name is John Morgan and I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for Mainlands Section 6 Civic Board President 2024. I am a retired management consultant and IT director, and have enjoyed owning a home and participating here since 2017.

I've always enjoyed working with people- in a children's hospital, elementary schools, and a half-way house for brain injured adults to name a few. My 29-year teaching career mostly served those with special needs. For volunteer stints I've worked a woman's shelter, as a booster mom for my daughter's athletic teams and chaired the graduation committee. Besides being a mom, my favorite things are reading, gardening, enjoying nature, traveling and spending as much time with friends as I can.

I'm confident my prior experience and interests will bring insight to serving as Vice President. I will strive to maintain our fiscal and social investment here in Mainlands Section 6, and work to bring together this wonderfully diverse neighborhood into a proudly involved community.

About Lauren

As president of our Irrigation Board

As president of our Irrigation Board beginning last year, I was able to fix many of the problems that nearly shut down operations there. Success was achieved by changing out some of the old fixtures that prevented progress, adding the amazing benefits of technology, and by involving and listening to residents like you. Now let me make a much needed difference at the Civic Association before it’s too late. I want to keep our civic and irrigation dues the same; there is no need to increase them to fund the reserve we need to purchase new pumps. And I have an exciting new vision for us that requires new leadership- and your support.

We Need A Change Now For:

  • Fiscal Responsibility- How our dues are spent is ALL of our business.
  • Communication- Board members and residents need to know EVERYTHING that's going on.
  • Investment- Every decision and dollar spent MUST be made with the goal to grow our market values and community pride.
  • Involvement- There is a vast untapped reservoir of talent and professional experience in all of us together, so let's ACTIVATE it.
  • Inclusivity- We are a Social Club, and language or physical challenges should not be allowed to separate us.
Put my broad experience in property management, technology and leadership to work for you here in our community. I’m not offering my services for attention, but rather to make Mainlands Section 6 a place to be proud of when we turn onto the property. And I want to hear your ideas too, but first I need your vote on Tuesday December 12th! Thank you- John


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